True Food Kitchen

Address: 3393 Peachtree Rd, NE Suite 3058B, Atlanta, GA 30326 (Buckhead/Lenox Mall)
Cost: $$
Atmosphere: Casual, outdoor oasis, open dining, open kitchen

You’ve probably seen Andrew Weil’s bald dome, smiling face and white beard on the cover of books on healthy living, and although you won’t see a picture of Dr. Weil on the menus at True Food Kitchen, his anti-inflammatory diet is the foundation on which True Food Kitchen’s menu is built. The Buckhead Atlanta location at Lenox Mall is one of over ten True Food Kitchen locations in the U.S.

True Food Kitchen offers seasonal options ranging from Italian and Mexican dishes to salads and sustainable seafood preparations. The drink options are also extensive. True Food Kitchen makes fresh cocktails and serves local beer including selections from Three Taverns (Decatur, GA), Sweetwater (Atlanta), Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta), Terrapin (Athens), and Westbrook (South Carolina).  The restaurant also offers organic and gluten free beer and cider.

True Food Kitchens food options are hit or miss. In addition to our visit to True Food Kitchen for this review, I have been with Ashley on other occasions and once with friends. My food has never been bad, but there are some dishes I wouldn’t order again.

When we visited, True Food Kitchen was offering their summer menu.  They have now transitioned into their fall menu, but they have retained several options across the seasons.

Edamame Dumplings: Diakon Radish & White Truffle Oil 

We started with Edamame dumplings with daikon radish and White Truffle oil. This vegetarian dish had a nice umami flavor, and I really enjoyed the toasted sesame seeds, which add both color and smokiness. Although the flavors were good, I was less enthusiastic about the portion size of this dish and how it is served. The dumplings are priced at $9, but you only get three large dumplings. They arrive on an overly large, shallow serving dish, which makes it difficult to transfer the dumplings, whole edamame beans, and thin sauce from the serving dish to your plate. Further, I found the texture of the edamame filling to be a little chalky. While the overall flavor profile of the edamame dumpling appetizer is well composed, I would suggest opting for another appetizer.

Quinoa Tagliatelle: Asparagus, Sweet Corn, Peas & Grana Padana Cheese

The Quinoa Tagliatelle is served with broad tagliatelle noodles and a tangy sauce. The tomato sauce pairs well with the sweet corn and peas. The grana padana cheese, pine nuts and asparagus all contribute to the dish. The spinach in the dish is wilted down, and I would have enjoyed more spinach in the dish. Overall, this pasta option is flavorful and satisfying, but this dish has not carried over to the fall menu (probably since it uses summertime and springtime vegetables; namely corn and asparagus).

Street Tacos: Sustainable Seafood, Avocado, Cotija Cheese, Tomatillo Salsa, Sour Cream & Anasazi Bean 

Ashley ordered the Street Tacos with sustainable fish, which on our visit, was red fish. The tacos were delicious. The corn tortillas tasted like they were made fresh and of high quality.  The tacos were filled with ripe avocado, crispy cabbage and well-cooked, flaky red fish. Ashley especially liked the Anasazi beans. The street tacos remain on the fall menu, and I would definitely order this dish again. Although I have had some mediocre dishes at True Food, the street tacos are a standout dish. The flavors and textures in this taco offering are spot on.

Kale-Aid & Watermelon Soda

The fresh juices are also a bright spot on the menu. The watermelon soda was very refreshing; not overly sweet but with a true watermelon flavor. In the Kale-Aid, the lemon and celery are the most forward flavors. The drink is cool and smooth. The texture of the Kale-Aid is not thick or chunky, and this is a very drinkable choice, even if you are not a kale fanatic. On the whole, I think you can’t go wrong with True Food’s juice drinks; they are beautiful, flavorful and offer health-supportive qualities.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream 

We finished our meal with the strawberry rhubarb crisp topped with vanilla ice cream. This beautifully presented dessert was a wonderful combination of cinnamon, oatmeal, strawberry and tart rhubarb. Although the strawberry Rhubarb crisp is not on the fall menu, True Food Kitchen is offering a spiced apple and goji berry crisp with vanilla ice cream that sounds similar.

If you find yourself caught up in the hustle at the mall, grab a seat on True Food Kitchen’s patio oasis, grab a fresh juice, local brew, or cocktail, order some street tacos, breathe deep and enjoy!