Widsom Kitchen’s weekly personal chef services are customized for your taste and personal health goals. Request any kind of cuisine, dish or diet and we will prepare it – from organic to local to a selection of dishes inspired by your favorite foods, and anything in between. We specialize in nutritionally custom meal plans that promote health or address specific health conditions, weight loss, food allergies, gluten-free, vegan, raw, paleo - just to name a few. Wisdom Kitchen has no set menus - every dish is designed with your specific tastes in mind.

Wisdom Kitchen is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We serve customers located inside the perimeter. A travel fee may apply for customers located outside the perimeter. 

Photo by:  Harmony blackwell

Step 1:  Initial meeting at your home. 

  • Contact us to set up an initial meeting at your home.
  • WK will get to know you and your tastes.
  • WK can accommodate dietary restrictions, health concerns, allergies, and other restrictions.

Step 2: Menu development for your approval.

  • WK will create a weekly menu based on your food preferences and health goals.
  • WK will send you a list of menu options for review.
  • You will select your favorites and/or suggest substitutions.
  • Each week you will receive new, seasonal menu items for your selection that meet your specific tastes and nutrition goals.

 Step 3: Cooking Session.

  • WK will do your grocery shopping, selecting the highest quality ingredients based on your likes and needs.
  • Stay home or go out while Wisdom Kitchen is cooking.  All we need is access to your kitchen.
  • WK spends 2-4 hours in your kitchen preparing your meals.
  • WK makes 3-8 dishes based on your preferences - a mix of proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and anything else you may request.
  • WK labels each dish and writes detailed heating/serving instructions. Meals are packaged family style or individually portioned.
  • WK cleans up - leaving you with a clean kitchen and fresh, healthy, delicious meals for the week. 
  • With each visit, WK will keep fine-tuning creations to find new ways to delight your palate.