Eat Well, Feel Well

We believe that a healthy diet based on whole, fresh, unprocessed, quality foods has an impact on energy level, emotions, mental clarity, ability to fight disease and manage stress. Founder and owner Chef Ashley Van Cise is a registered dietitian who understands how to combine current nutrition research and healthy cooking techniques to ensure the menus we make bring you the most delicious and healthy flavor combinations. 

Quality Food

All food prepared is fresh, natural, seasonal and packed with nutrients. We strive to use nothing canned, boxed or processed. When possible, locally grown organic produce, organic eggs, humanely raised meats and poultry and sustainable seafood is used. 

Packed with Flavor

Many chefs rely on unhealthy amounts of butter, cream and salt for flavor. Chef Ashley Van Cise develops recipes that utilize foods and cooking techniques that yield maximum flavor and provide a variety of health benefits. Examples include:
•    Fresh herbs/ toasted and ground spices
•    Freshly made vinaigrettes, salsas, relishes, chutneys, mojos
•    Flavorful roots: ginger, wasabi, horseradish, galangal, turmeric 
•    Raw, roasted or sautéed garlic
•    Caramelized onions and shallots
•    Roasted sweet and spicy peppers 
Yes, we use salt and butter, but only when necessary for taste. 

Environmentally Friendly

Our company strives to go green in day-to-day business operations, for example, we use reusable shopping bags, we are primarily paperless and we recycle.  
Optional add-ons to your service:
• Use food from a local CSA
• Use herbs and produce from your own garden
• Compost food scraps