"Simple Cooking with Heart" by the American Heart Association

I recently had the opportunity to prepare this Apple Walnut Chicken Salad for a cooking demonstration for employees at Primerica as part of their cooperate wellness initiative. The cooking demonstration was sponsored by Simple Cooking with Heart, which is a healthy cooking program developed by the American Heart Association (AHA). The goal of Simple Cooking with Heart is to give folks tools, resources and inspiration to cook healthy meals at home. A perfect alignment with my passion! (Please note: The person in this video is not me.)

AHA has designed a really handy website which contains tons of healthy and easy recipes, cooking skill videos, tips, and techniques. The really nice thing about this site is that each recipe has a short video (like the one above) that shows you exactly how to prepare the recipe, so even novice cooks are set up for success.

The folks at Primerica where super engaged. Throughout the cooking demonstration, I asked them questions about the health benefits of the ingredients. They identified several factors that make this recipe awesome for health. One major health supportive aspect is the utilization of yogurt in place of some of the mayonnaise found in traditional chicken salad recipes. The yogurt adds a tangy flavor, creamy texture and beneficial bacteria that can aid in healthy digestion. By reducing the mayo, the calories, saturated fat and cholesterol are also reduced. A win for both health and flavor! Can you identify other health supportive aspects of this recipe??

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Cheers to ramping up the frequency of cooking at home!